Gorge Series

This series is based on the Gorge as a metaphor for life situations.  It is a beautiful place to be wether inside or viewing from atop. It could also be scary.  Each painting represents a "way" in which we might approach any perceived problem. These works point to outer help and inner strength.

I am not prone to always trusting my own inner dialogue. Egoic thoughts vs authenticity and truth.   Awareness, intuition, faith, meditation, being present, accepting, letting go, compassion, love are just some ways to navigate tough situations to find resolution and move forward.  These works are open for contemplation and/ or simply emotive resonance.

Pond Series

Pond series is a small collection of large paintings representing things I think about using pond life to express the various ideas.


Just Passing through - The fish represent us, it is a reference to ourselves in time and space.  We are all just moving from one moment, thought, emotion, feeling to another, one life to another (reincarnation). Water is the perfect medium for flow and movement.  There is a door slightly ajar represented by the linear design.  This represents the doors, moments, situations we move in and out of.  It is a contemplation of impermanence, flow and who we are.

Leap of Faith  - represents that breakthrough moment into the unknown, the splash, courage, fear and excitement of that leap.  The eggs,the tadpoles speak to evolution of the self on all levels.

Respite - Speaks to that rest and quiet time we all need to have balance in our lives.  Natures healing energy is a perfect place to just BE.  

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