My goal as an artist is to elicit an emotional reaction and provoke the mind to an end of upliftment or personal growth. I strive in my work to push the energy of the subject to radiate it's true nature or spirit. I use sweeping movement, texture, bold color, graphic and sometimes modeled elements. The subject may be anything that catches my eye to a place I've been, a thought or idea I'd like to convey. 

I layer, rinse, blot, drip, scrape and scrub to create texture and the illusion of age or depth. I use brushes of all size, pallet knives and various items in applying paint. 
I was trained as a  child in art principles by my artist parents, pursued art throughout primary and secondary school.  I attended Oakland Community College, U of M Dearborn and graduated from Madonna University in 1994 with a Bachelor of Arts (painting), with a strong background in art history. 

Besides showing my work whenever I could I worked in advertising 10 years, taught art grades K thru grade 9, painted blue jeans for a major department store, designed mens ties, bought and sold antiquarian prints and primitive folk art.